Monday, October 31, 2011

Diesel's Dog Training in Chicago

I adopted Diesel from an animal shelter about 9 months ago. He started off as a super quiet, adorable, cuddle bug, but as soon as he became comfortable in his surroundings, what was adorable and loving, turned into him running our lives. Instead of him adapting to our lives and our schedule, we started to notice that we were adapting to what worked for him. It was almost easier to do so. We would never leave him alone, never placed him in his kennel, because it was just easier to transfer him from home to home and have someone watch him, then leave him. When we tried leaving him in his kennel and he still had his puppy teeth, he chewed on the cage while we were gone so hard that he broke and cracked every single tooth. I figured the only thing I could do after that is get him and us help. I wanted Diesel to be independent. Sure it was cute when we were around and he followed our every move, slept on our feet, would cuddle between us, but it wasn’t once we realized that he thought he was the leader of the “pack” not us. Once we realized what happened, and made the mistake of never making any ground rules, we felt our only option was to break his habits before they became worse.

I always planned on taking him to obedience classes, but never even heard of puppy boot camp. I searched for one-on-one classes, mainly because I felt it was important that I learned how to control him, more than a trainer just doing it. I needed training too, so when I stumbled across Megan, it seemed it would be a great fit. From the beginning Megan was very friendly and down to earth, so I felt very comfortable leaving Diesel with her. After the two weeks of puppy boot camp, I knew I made the right decision. Diesel made eye contact, came to me when called, would not move till he was told, walked without pulling, and even would walk straight into his kennel when told. He of course tested me once I brought him home, but I wasn’t going to break and go back to the old ways. The roles finally reversed and I was the leader now, and he knew it. To this day, Megan is only a phone call or a text away, if I have any questions or thoughts, Megan gets back to me. She didn’t think twice about continuing the help once the two weeks were done. The training continued once the two weeks was up at home, and with or without Megan’s help he still listened, and that is what I was looking for. She told me what to say and do so he knew who was in control. I now enjoy Diesel so much more, I appreciate that he is now independent, but is still his same cute self at the end of the day. His personality didn’t change, his actions did and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Megan. Thanks Megan!

Andrea and Diesel 

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wicket's Dog Training in Chicago

Since Wicket has had dog training with Megan, we have had NO issues with his incessant barking whatsoever; which was a big problem we were having with him. He is much better-behaved and definitely not so bossy anymore! We are very pleased with Midway Dog Academy and with Megan Wallace.

Thanks so much again!

Eileen N.

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Jenk's Dog Training in Chicago

I adopted Jenks, a Plott Hound about a year and a half ago. I had no idea what a Plott Hound was when I adopted him and I didn’t do much research into the hound breed. This cute little puppy quickly grew into a 90lb. dog that I couldn’t control. He was a great dog inside – of course when there wasn’t much going on. But as soon as someone would come over or the doorbell would ring he would become uncontrollable! Walks with him were a struggle because he thought every dog we passed was there for him to play with. And when he would see ANY dog he would let out a deep hound bark; which became pretty embarrassing. I took him to some group dog training classes at the local pet store, but didn’t see any results with him. He has always been able to sit and stay for a treat with no distractions, so the dog training they offered wasn’t really effective for the help WE needed. I started looking for more dog training that could help us with more than the basics - and luckily I found Megan. I thought it would be best for Jenks to do more of the Boot Camp dog training, so he ended up staying with Megan and her dogs for 2 weeks at her house. When I went to pick him up I was amazed to see him come out healing with her without a leash on, not to mention there was a TON of distractions everywhere around him! Jenks now heals on our walks and doesn’t try to get to every dog we see. Instead, he looks to me for the direction that he needs! Megan also gave us a great training tool – The Placeboard. Now, we use his place board at home; which makes having guests coming over so relaxing and peaceful because he stays so calm. The best part is that I can let him outside without having to put a leash on him and he always comes back to me when I call him. You have given me a dog that I couldn’t be happier with.

Thank you so much Megan.

John B.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nina's Dog Training in Chicago

First off, Nina is doing very well. It has been a lot easier to control her since she came back... or perhaps it's that she needs less control because she is listening like never before. It's amazing what a simple change like her being more likely to just lie down somewhere is (rather than sitting right next to Mary and I and whining for attention-like she used to before we brought her to you. She has been walking well, and it's great to be able to take her off-leash and not be worried about her just taking off.

We cannot say thank you enough!


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Trevi's Dog Training in Chicago

I got Trevi when she was 10 weeks old, with my busy schedule I did not have the adequate time to properly train her. Prior to Trevi’s training at Midway Dog Academy we were having issues with potty training, leash skills, basic commands such as come, sit, stay, and barking incessantly. After Trevi’s 2 week session with Megan she
became a whole new dog. We are now able to take enjoyable walks, not barking at every dog/ biker and no leash pulling. Trevi also has not had an accident in the house since being home, she rings the bell like a champ! The barking has stopped too. Trevi is overall a happier dog and I am a happier owner!



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Bon's Dog Training in Chicago

Both my husband and I cannot say enough positive things about Megan and what she was able to achieve with our dog. It's hard to know where to begin, but trust me ... you will not be disappointed in Megan's training. Her methods work and she has the patience and knowledge to work with any behavior issue, any breed and any temperament. For our dog, it was money well spent and any ambivalence we had about leaving him with a stranger for 2 weeks ... well, now we often use Megan for boarding when we are out of town because we know he will be safe, happy, and get a little training booster! Plus, our dog LOVES Megan, and that is no small achievement because his main problem was people aggression! And another thing, she guarantees her work. You will not find another group or person who will do this. She has been to our house twice to help us when we were stumped (for instance, how to stop Bon from running the fence when the neighbors were out).

Briefly, we have a 2 year old German Wirehair Pointer. 70 lbs. with very high energy -- named Bon. We went through 3 rounds of training with a different dog training company as a puppy. He hated every moment of it. He was very dominant, territorial, and did not like strangers or strange things of any kind - whether on the street, in our home, etc. His initial fear of people was quickly turning into a bad case of aggression and we were becoming prisoners in our home. He also had no recall and we were in for a long chase if he got off leash. When he was on leash, we were being pulled down the street by a crazy dog and he responded to nothing. It was embarrassing. He would patrol our house going from window to window - so focused, like he was hunting. His behavior was now obsessive. Finally he ended up lunging at and biting a woman at the dog daycare facility. We had to do something or we had to return the dog to the breeder.

I have had more than a dozen dogs in my life and never one like Bon. And I've never had a dog I couldn't train. But I was stumped. I found Megan online -- one of several groups I contacted, and did my homework. I met with her and decided to take the chance. My husband wasn't convinced, but I wouldn't relent. If it's possible, my husband is a bigger fan of Megan than me! Bon is a different dog and a happier dog. And we are better and happier owners. 100% better, happier, and then some. Honestly, for a long while we couldn't believe it was the same dog.

Megan has us use a placeboard, which is really a dog bed, where he goes and stays when he needs to calm down ... when someone comes to the door, while we are preparing his food, while we are relaxing in the evening, and any other time we need him to pay attention to US and not the situation or distraction. When someone comes to the door, we put him on "place" and then we can calmly open the door and invite people in without Bon attacking or being aggressive. If he starts to patrol the windows, we put him on place and he stays there. When we are watching TV in the evening, he's on place. Before he gets fed, he has to go and stay on place. This simple tool was so effective that we have one in our living room, one in the basement where we feed him, one by the front door, and my husband built a wood one for our deck outside. Now he goes onto his place in the living room when he wants to relax! We put a thick pad on it and he loves to sleep there. And we just have to say "place" and he knows exactly what to do. What we do know is that Bon is a good dog and a dog that we love because of Megan. And we are, without a doubt, much better owners because of her. Bon finally sees us as the pack leaders in our home. It's a great thing. We're a bit ashamed that we even thought of giving up the dog when all it took was 2 weeks with Megan to turn things around.

I wish I had known Megan when Bon was just a pup. He was beginning so many of his behaviors, but I didn't see it. You'll love Megan. I know it. She has something special with dogs. I can't describe it, but she speaks their language. I wish I had her gift!

Melanie and Michael

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Honey's Dog Training in Chicago

My husband and I rescued our lab mix from a local shelter about 2 years ago. She was very quiet, timid, and mostly shy. It was like she didn't know where she fit into the world - which saddened me. I knew she just needed a little bit of help to pull her out of her nervous little bubble she was in. Overall, she did know her obedience, but it was if she did them out of fear. When we asked her to sit, she would drop her head down and sit (too scared to even look at us). When we told her to come, she would move very slowly and almost be terrified to come to us.

In short, we brought Honey to Megan and Scott for two weeks and WOW is all I can say. It was like they showed her a whole new way of life. We got to watch her playing with other dogs when before she was a complete wreck that would sit in the corner avoiding any and all interaction with other dogs. She was now a proud, outdoing dog. She was eager to sit proudly and heel at our sides or come when called - ALL with her head held high.

The gift they have is nothing short of incredible! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.


Janet L.

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